ZODIAC: Gemini // COLOR: Kelly Green // DRINK: Whiskey Coke

Member since 2019

They've called her a slut, they've called her a whore... but now, all they crave is "The Porn Star Next Door!" Traveling through the tropes of popular adult entertainment, Penny Banks brings sticky delights with her everywhere she goes - but not without the intent to clean it all up. 


Penny is a founding member of the Rainier Cherries, a burlesque troupe formed in Cherry Manhattan's first ever Neo-Burlesque 101 Class that took place outside the walls of Cornish College of the Arts. She has been seen in Bon Vivants, an Post Emporium Productions annual show, every year since its conception, as well as productions by RiOT, Rebel Rehab, and more. 


When she isn't getting naked on stage, you can find Penny belting it out with her band Neither Bears Nor Forest (look for our album release later this year), snuggling kitties, and binge-watching every streaming service known to humankind. 


Follow Penny down the rabbit hole as she tugs on your leash and leads you into the depths of her dirty dreams. BYO Wet Wipes! 

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