ZODIAC: Aries // COLOR: Plum // DRINK: Champagne & Cranberry

Member since 2020

Scarlett Folds -- Miss Folds if you’re nasty -- is THE raunchy red-lipped lady. Scarlett knows love can be tough sometimes. She also knows you like it that way. This rebel will whip you into shape and light a fire inside you that only she can put out. 


With her extensive background in dance as a performer and a movement director, Scarlett brings jaw-dropping shimmies and twirls that will mesmerize you to follow her every whim. She studied burlesque under Cherry Manhattan, and is now a TA for the dirty debutante’s Neo-Burlesque class at Cornish College of the Arts. Scarlett made her professional burlesque debut with Sinner Saint Burlesque in A Midsummer Night’s Reverie in 2018, and has since had a joyously naughty time in shows such as BurlesKaraoke, Moonwake and more.


A sought-after dancer, Scarlett is a member of The Devil’s Advocates, The Dirty Darlings and Simone Pin. She has no time to fuck around -- well, maybe just a little. Follow her on instagram to keep up with all of her nonconformist antics!

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Photo by Willy Nilly