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ZODIAC: Leo // COLOR: Burgundy // DRINK: Champagne

Member since 2016

Hersera is the jingly enchantress of the wild feminine. You’ll mostly likely encounter this bellydancing conjuror flowing through your space and waving fabric in your face. Hersera's motto is take the best and use the rest. A practitioner of irreverent reverence, she strives to honor beauty in all if its forms, embrace the shadow with the light, wear flowers in her hair, draw down the moon - all while never taking anything too seriously. 


Hersera began learning belly dance in a nag champa filled basement through the sacred rite of at-home dance DVDs. Since then she has gone on to learn dance from Nadira, Culture Shakti, Fuchsia Foxx, and others. Although she danced in secret for many a year, it was not until taking Cherry Manhattan's Neo Burlesque class that she made her performance debut. Since then, she has been deeply committed to her troupe, as well as performing for Skinny Dip and teaching burlesque inspired belly dance for Culture Shakti.


A professional costume designer, dress maker, and trained props and scenic designer, Hersera brings all her theatrical skills to the altar of burlesque. In addition to crafting all of her own costuming, she designs and constructs all of the Devil’s set designs. 


As she strives to weave together the esoteric threads of her varying styles, Hersera’s performances become ephemeral whispers into a grimoire of self empowerment through dance and self expression. Either that, or she’s just shaking her bare butt for thrills and bucks. To this humble heretic, it is respectfully one and the same. If you follow her on social media, be prepared for a lot of garden stories. 

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Keep up with Hersera on instagram - @hersera126

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